Festival Distribution of Funds




Dickinson Historical Society                              $1,153.55

Dickinson EMS

Dickinson Volunteer Fire Department

Festival of Lights

Citizen's Sheriff's Academy

Marine Corps League

Scholarship Award(s)

Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral Food Pantry          $1,525.00                     


Shrine of the True Cross
















St. Joseph Altar Distribution of Funds




Thank you all Little Italy Festival visitors of the St. Joseph altar. Your donations totaled $1298. We’d like to express our deepest appreciation for the funds collected. The entirety of the donations have gone to the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry and were presented to Fr. Larry shortly after the festival. Additionally, proceeds from the baked goods auction totaled $250 and these funds were also presented to Fr. Larry and Fr. Jasper in the form of a stipend for leading the procession and blessing the altar. (We want all donors and visitors to know St. Joseph funds, donations & expenses are separate from the festival. The St. Joseph alter is an Italian tradition of helping those in need.) St. Joseph altar and altar auction items exist due to generous donations from individuals/partners:

• Debbie Flores

• Jody Montalbano Levrier

• Julia Montalbano

• Esther Louviere

• Darlene Whelton

• Gloria Battistoni Klecka

• Linda Raven

• Mary Lyn Urso DeCuire

• Bluebaugh Girls

• Goodfellows: Mike and Sandy Pontello

• Menotti Wood Crafters: James Menotti

• Angelic Confections: Angela Pursewell Blaylock

• Emmite Square

• Tour de Tents: Jamie and Kathy Benham


Any Galveston County Catholic Parish or Diocese has the opportunity to provide for the Sicilian-Italian tradition of the blessing of the altar and reap the contributions for their food pantry on a rotating basis.

Funds from the festival are not used to make the altar but the altar and altar auction items exist due to generous donations from individuals/partners/businesses to make the altar possible.